Ordering Product

Ostberg products can be ordered as the following ways:

Email: info@ostberg.com
Tel No.+86 512 57639555
Fax No.+86 512 57639588

To avoid misunderstanding, we need the following information:

Company information
Delivery address
Invoice address
Product specification
Rotor diameter and foil type
Casing type and dimensions
Type of drive equipment
Motor position
Purge sector
Any accessories

The product specification can be prepared in Ostberg Calculation or by means of this catalogue.
You can also call us and ask for a quotation.

Replacement Rotors

Ostberg rotary heat exchangers can be used to replace most makes on the market.When replacing a rotor it is often possible to use the existing rotor casing. Bearings on all Ostberg rotors are installed in the rotor, and this solution is very beneficial. We need the following information to make a replacement rotor.

Shaft dimensions and design

Precise rotor diameter

If the rotor does not run properly it is necessary to find the cause. Was the initial choice of material wrong, or has the operation in the environment changed? The new rotor may possibly need a different specification compared to the original.

If there is a lack of space, a fully wound rotor can be replaced by a sectorized rotor. Because a sectorized rotor adds 60 mm to the diameter depending on the design, it is important to check that there is space enough in the rotor casing.

A rotary heat exchanger can also replace other heat recovery system types. It is important to consider the following:
What are the maximum dimensions (height, width and depth)?

Can a slide-in casing be used?

What kind of environment is it; is a rotor suitable?

It is e.g. possible to change from using a flat plate heat exchanger to a rotating heat exchanger. Because a flat plate heat exchanger is longer in the direction of airflow, there is space enough to redirect the air streams. The additional sheet metalwork is often best performed by a local sheet metalworker.