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Licence agreement for Enventus Calculation Calculation program for Rotating energy recovery units
§ 1 Copyright
This program is © Enventus AB 1998 – 2003.

§ 2 Granted rights
The program supplier, Enventus, grants you a non-exclusive licence to:
2.1 Use the program on any number of computers within your company.Users may also install the program at home in order to learn to use theprogram.
2.2 Make copies of the program for backup purposes and other purposesexcept for reselling or distribution (including gifts) or installation in violationwith point number
2.1 unless stated by another agreement with Enventus.

§ 3 Reverese engineering
You may not in any way, and for any purpose, disassemble or decompile theprogram or any file supplied with program, except when explicitly stated.

§ 4 The licence to use Enventus Calculation will expire due to the followingactions/during the following situations:
4.1 At the time Enventus finds it necessary to send you a new version.You will receive a new licence agreement for the new program.
4.2 If the co-operation with Enventus ends.
4.3 If you act in violation to §§ 1-3.
4.4 If you act in violation to any other agreements with Enventus.

§ 5 Enventus shall not be held liable for any possible damage due to the use ofthis computer program or the data produced by it.
§ 6 This licence agreement terminates any existing licences of EnventusCalculation or CorroWin of earlier versions. You may not use older programsor versions due to possible errors in the data.