Östberg’s Quality Policy

AB C.A. Östberg is ISO 9001-certified, which means that the company complies with strict quality requirements. Our products are manufactured in accordance with the zero-error principle, and are continuously improved to prevent quality defects.

All of our products are CE-marked. This means that they have gone through a risk assessment. Each product also comes with an EC declaration certifying that the product meets the requirements and harmonized standards of EU Directives.

Östberg’s Environmental Policy

We will meet applicable environmental laws, regulations and other environmental requirements placed on our business and our products.

We will develop our products toward lower energy consumption according to the requirements of the EU ErP Directive, and ingoing components will meet the requirements of the RoHS Directive.

Will will conduct our activities in a resource-efficient manner with the least possible environmental impact, and our environmental management system will be constructed in accordance with ISO 14001.

All of our employees will follow established procedures, contribute to the continual improvement of our business and products, and work to prevent pollution.